Rail / Tribute to Simon Rodia

Sculpture 2019
Varnished burnt wood, stainless steel bar

Rail, is a sculpture in tribute to Simon Rodia.

It represents one of the actions he has carried out thousands of times for the construction of his towers, the Watts Towers in Los Angeles.

Using the railway track adjacent to his plot, he bent his metal bars.

The sculpture represents a section of this railway line with a curved bar between the sleepers and the rail.

The track is made of varnished burnt wood, echoing his hard work, often vandalized, as well as the Watts district destroyed by fire during the various riots.

The bar is made of stainless steel, an unalterable metal, because its work, despite several attempts at destruction, has been saved, preserved and restored.

Size 200 x 250 x 350 cm
Photo retouching Prune Simon-Vermot